About Lily

My name is Lily. I’m 20 and a college junior at Western Washington University who has a very vague idea of what she’ll do with her degree if she even graduates on time.

Add Taylor Swift, the Seahawks, students activism and social media in a pot, add water, and you have me!

I’ve loved Taylor Swift since I was 14. I’ve seen all three headlining tours, including the RED Tour in the pit. I am anxiously awaiting album five. My friends fondly (I hope) refer to my bedroom as the shrine, as it is covered in posters.

I also have a Super Bowl XLVIII Champions poster in my room and the front cover of the Seattle Times on Feb. 3, 2014 hanging in my living room. I live tweet all Seahawks games and have way too much fun with it. Go Hawks!

Much of my time is spent with student activism on and off campus. I am heavily involved with the campus civic engagement group and the Washington Student Association, fighting for students rights and access to higher education. It is truly my passion at the moment.

It’s through my work with the WSA that I discovered how much I enjoy public relations. I hope to pursue that with my journalism degree.

Other people and groups I look up to include: John and Hank Green, Grace Helbig, Emily Graslie, Andrew Sims of, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, and most importantly my incredible parents and sister.

I get easily stuck on ideas, comments and thoughts. I will replay a negative comment in my head for years. I will think for days about a plan before executing it. I’ll write down a story line I made up and re-read it constantly.

I hope this is a place where I can start to share those thoughts again.

Other places to find me:

Twitter: @LilyJaquith

Instagram: LilyJaquith

Vine: LilyJaquith