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The 11th of June was my Senior Prom. I thought it would be nice to give you all a look into the night and show off all the pictures that I’m really happy with.

The day started early for me, I woke up at seven and couldn’t get back to sleep. That resulted in me looking through my yearbook and feeling very nostalgic. An interesting emotion at seven in the morning. The first prom related activity was my hair appointment. It was at ten at Swink Style Bar.

I was beyond thrilled with how my hair turned out, although it looked quite odd with no makeup and regular clothes on. Next on the agenda was being picked up by one of my best friends, Lindsey, and getting her hair done before heading off to have our makeup done.

We had appointments at the MAC counter in Nordstrom for 5:30 and 6:00. At this point we were already in a bit of a time crunch as everyone was supposed to arrive at her house at 6:30. Adding to the stress the first appointment started 20 minutes late.

Despite the late start Lindsey and I were both very happy with our makeup, but incredibly anxious to head home and get dressed. We quickly got dressed, put on jewelry and went out to show it off to the boys and collection of moms that had arrived.

The first set of pictures began in Lindsey’s front yard. I’ve never felt more beautiful then I did that night. I felt like Ariel the entire evening.

Jake, Lindsey, Robert, Me, Adam, Jessica, Natalie

It was now time to head to the beach. Edmonds is a perfect spot for prom photos. I met up with my dad and step mom there so they could get some pictures too.

Me and my dad

Jake, Lindsey, Robert, Me, Adam, Jessica and Natalie

Robert and I

Natalie, Lindsey, Me and Jessica

After pictures it was dinner time. Instead of going to a traditional, fancy restaurant we headed over to Dick’s Burgers for some delicious and fast food.


Me, Robert, Lindsey, Jake Jessica, Adam, Natalie

All of us managed to keep our clothes clean, despite the messy food. It was a great pick for a restaurant since we were very short on time. Finally we headed to the dance. Prom was held at the Science Fiction museum, which is right inside the EMP. 


Natalie, Lindsey, Me and Jessica

For those of you not familiar with Seattle, the Experience Music Project (EMP) is the gigantic metal thing you can see to the left of the Space Needle in this photo.

Me and my other best friend, Alexandra

The dance floor at the Museum was very small so my group spent most of our time on the catwalk above it. We only stayed for about an hour to say hi to all our friends and teacher. Next on the agenda was bowling!

Lindsey and I

Natalie, Lindsey and I

Bowling was a ton of fun, although the dresses created quite the obstacle and none of us played very well except for Jake.

Overall prom was an amazing night. Everyone always says that prom will never meet your expectations, but it did for me. I enjoyed the time spent with my friends and I felt perfect the entire night. I wouldn’t change it at all.